• 生物学III:解剖学 & 生理学

    解剖学和生理学, 学生们学习解剖学术语, the patterns of structure and function with regard to cells and tissues, 以及交通和通讯. They were then able to dive into a particular body system in a multi-stage project. 他们研究了特定的A & 他们身体系统的P, 探索他们的系统如何与其他系统交互, 然后是如何维持内稳态. They ended the term with what happens when the system doesn’t work (by exploring a particular disorder) and how we medically attempt to restore function (treatments for the disorder).
  • 中国武术

    世界上有170多种武术. 我们的强化课程主要集中在“太极”. Taiji is an internal Chinese martial art practiced for both its defense training, 它的健康益处, 和冥想. 在密集课程结束时, 学员可示范基本四式太极(一级).
  • 烹饪 & 《皇冠HGA010官方下载》 & 菜

    This course offered students the opportunity to explore Italian 菜, literature, and culture. Students studied works by various Italian writers and also engaged in an in-depth study of Italian 菜 and culture. Students enjoyed a (virtual) culturally immersive experience and interacted with the literature, 菜, 以及意大利各个地区的文化.
  • 学生电影设计

    学生们在一部学生电影中担任编剧、演员和设计师. Beginning from a single word, MUSIC, as a theme, the students created a film from scratch. 从写对白到在家拍摄, 编辑最终产品, 学生们合作制作了一部全球首映的电影.
  • 数码照片

    在本课程中, students learn the basic principles of digital photography and explore the photographic process from pre-visualization to taking images, 对数字图像的调整和处理. Students will be investigating how to use photography to tell a story and will explore narrative both through individual images, 系列, 以及文本的合并. 本课程将着重学习设计原理, 作文, 以及摄影媒体的基本历史和理论. Students will approach various subjects and narratives to create images and projects that are personal and expressive.
  • 环境管理/评估

    This course focused on human-generated climate change in the United States and the cyclical exchange of chemicals that have been affected. Students were given a geographic region from which they chose an urban or rural community to frame their knowledge and 研究 around while comparing this to Toledo’s predicament. 通过探索气候, 经济体, and needs of their communities and how these cycles have affected human necessities, a climate change conference was held as if they were delegates from their community.
  • 极乐地理

    在《Hga010皇冠软件下载》中," students studied the metrics of happiness as they've been applied to various societies. 读一本同名的书, students explored the impact that different countries have on their citizens' happiness. They also learned about different historical and cultural perspectives on happiness, 快乐的生理学, 环境心理学原理, 以及不同政府体制和幸福感之间的关系. Students interviewed peers in Sweden to get their perspectives on the connection between happiness and lifestyle, and conducted a Personal Happiness Project to test out ideas about happiness in their own lives.
  • 健康

    健康 Education is a course that will empower students with the knowledge and skills needed to make responsible decisions and contribute to a healthy and safe society. 学生将参与以下主题:人体解剖学 & 器官系统,营养 & 体育活动,药物使用/滥用教育,健康的人际关系 & 亲密关系和压力管理.
  • 西班牙文化研究

    Students were given the opportunity to explore a variety of cultural topics in a specific region or country within the Spanish-speaking world. They wrote daily blog entries documenting their findings and learned from each other by interacting with each other's blogs and during class activities. 然后, 他们完成了基于他们想要进一步探索的主题的项目, 研究, 更好地理解. 
  • 概率论与统计“,

    Students did probability experiments and simulations using the calculator and explored probability through tree diagrams by using counting techniques. We estimated populations means and proportions using confidence intervals and used Plinko to help explain binomial expansions.
  • 现代图画小说

    现代图画小说, 学生们阅读过去几十年的重要图形作品, 包括 鼠I和鼠II 阿特·斯皮格尔曼 Dropsey大道 威尔·艾斯纳,以及 《蝙蝠侠:黑暗骑士归来 作者:弗兰克·米勒. 我们还花时间学习漫画是如何工作的 理解漫画 作者:Scott McCloud. 学生们把剧本翻译成漫画, 从漫画到小说, and finally produced an in-depth analysis of a comic or graphic novel of their choosing, explaining how prominent features and the language of comics enhance the storytelling.
  • 物理二:电气工程

    在本课程中, students begin by learning foundational concepts from electromagnetism. They will investigate current, voltage, resistance, energy, and magnetism. Students apply their conceptual understanding as they draw and analyze 系列 and parallel circuits, 使用数学工具,如欧姆定律和基尔霍夫定律. 然后他们设计和建造自己的电路, 使用电阻, 电容器, 电感器, 二极管, 和晶体管. 学生考察电磁学的实际应用, 日常设备,比如马达, 起重磁铁, 还有立体声扬声器. 最后, 学生接触到该领域的前沿话题, 包括太阳能电池和固态电子背后的物理原理. Students will leave the course with a better understanding of electrical engineering and its many applications to everyday life.
  • 美国的种族问题

    This course will provide an opportunity for students to deepen their understanding of how "race" is constructed in the context of the United States society. Throughout the course, students will examine multiple movements for racial justice. Students will be challenged to explore multiple narratives for examining issues of power and privilege. 其中一些主题可能包括, 抗议, 警察暴力, 白人特权, 以及种族与其他身份的交集. After having conversations about what it looks like to be White in America and what the reality is for People of Color, students will leave with a deeper understanding of their own identities and their own capacity to make a change.


  • 你的教育之旅从今天开始

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